The Tactical Guide to Women: Review

Title: The Tactical Guide to Women

Written By: Shawn T. Smith, PsyD

Author Credentials: Dr. Smith has over a decade in clinical psychology, acting as a counselor for couples who have tried everything and still failed to resolve their issues. He has boiled down his years of experience and education, along with personal research, into this book.

Publication Date: 2017

Category: Personal Growth, Interpersonal Relationships.

Where To Buy: Get it at Amazon for $16.95!


The Tactical Guide to Women is the culmination of Shawn T. Smith’s experience as a couples counselor and clinical psychologist. He does an excellent job of addressing the most common issues couples encounter, which as he points out can sometimes begin with the partners’ incompatibility and before the relationship can even get off of the ground.

Shawn puts his education to good used as he walks the reader through his personal history of relationships as well as those of his close friends and family. He points out the dangers of the honeymoon phase and how to avoid trouble in the future, as well as how to push through the troubles that will come into every relationship, no matter how perfect.

The focus of this book is absolutely not a pickup scheme, or “how to get laid” as the title might suggest. This is a risk management strategy that everyone, even women, can benefit from. The bottom line is that everyone makes bad decisions when entering relationships for the first time, and that there is hope out there even for people who have been through the extremes of emotional and physical abuse.

While it is a book focused primarily on the male point of view, if given the right context Shawn’s advice can be applied to many other non-romantic relationships that will ultimately benefit the reader when dealing with difficult situations, including difficult family members and co-workers.


Who Should Read This?

Given the bottom line, I would recommend this first and foremost to someone who has limited experience in relationships, either few or none at all, to prevent them from making quick decisions for fear of loneliness or out of honeymoon syndrome. In short, if you feel like you’re getting into a relationship, or even ready to get engaged/married, do yourself a favor and give it a thorough read.

That being said, here are a few of the suggestions made by the author himself:

  1. If you feel pressure to move to the next level, through friends and family, or by her, and are uncertain that she is capable of moving to the next level.
  2. If you have been previously been part of a divorce or separation and are looking to make your way back onto the dating scene.
  3. You’ve heard of the horror story breakups and want to avoid expensive parting.
  4. You are of high value, either through your position or financial situation, and have noticed attention from the wrong kind of women. If you’re looking for a way to filter them, this book is a great foundation.
  5. If you’re having a rough patch and are looking for an in-depth guide to help you determine the next best steps, either to move on, or to find a way forward.
  6. You want to help your friends out, who have a history of bad relationships and may be in danger of ruining their future.
  7. If you have limited experience, and have never been taught what to expect out of women, and want a solid guide to help you navigate the sea of bad decisions in your future.


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2. The Tactical Guide to Men: The counterpart to this book, a guide for women to understand their choices in men and how to sort out the wheat from the chaff.






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